Look aS impressive in writing


As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world…
as in being able to remake ourselves.
— Mahatma Gandhi


The average Hiring Manager spends 6 seconds* looking at a resume. Is yours working as hard as it can to represent you as an ideal candidate? We can help.

Linkedin Summary

Unlike the data of a resume, your LinkedIn profile offers the opportunity to reflect your humanity. Let us help make sure your profile reflects your passions, strengths, and personality so that your online presence is as appealing and memorable as you are in person. 


Cover Letters

Do movie trailers help you choose the next movie you’ll see? Does a book’s cover help you decide whether to read it? A cover letter is the appetizer to the entrée of you. If you want your resume to be read, let us help you introduce it with a great cover letter.

Thank You Notes

Think of a thank you note as:

  • a gracious act (shockingly, performed by less than 4% of job seekers**)
  • a way to stand out (see previously mentioned statistic)
  • a great way to remind the interviewer of your interest and value

Learn how to write effective thank you notes that will serve you well throughout your career. 

*Will Evans, head of User Experience, TheLadders,™ posted on www.huffingtonpost.com, May 9, 2012
**York Technical Institute, 2014