What Our Clients Have To Say:

“Fantastic support all around! Great advice to keep you focused, positive and goal-oriented." 


"I cannot tell you how many people tell me that my resume is stellar.  Thank you, the compliments have been appreciated during this vulnerable space!  Thank you for this gift!"


“Every time I talk to you, I believe in myself more and more. Your encouragement and support have given me a new sense of direction, motivation, and clear insight of who I really am.”


“I feel really good and excited about my future, which started immediately after I left your office.”


 “My interview today went extremely well. They had over 500 applicants and the reason she picked mine was your branding tag line. Thought you should know how influential your words are on the resumes that you help to create.”


 “Your resume opens doors."


“Unlike other career advisors I have worked with in the past, Life Working offers the emotional support that is needed when changing career paths. They were my biggest cheerleaders during the job hunt and negotiation stage. They are a wealth of knowledge and information - providing links, data, resources, etc. to help you stay informed on the quickly changing marketplace. I adored every conversation I had with them, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to successfully land their dream job."


“I believe I got more in 60 minutes with you than I would have in months with anyone else."


“Wilma is such a caring, nurturing, upbeat person with a depth of knowledge and experience she readily shares. I would have dropped out of the job search many times if it were not for her support and encouragement. It has been a pleasure, indeed, to work with her.“


“Arlene brought out in me the confidence I need in order to succeed in my next chapter. I truly and honestly do not know what I would have done without her help.”    


“Thank you for all your assistance and the best practices you’ve shared with me. It helped me immensely when I was negotiating my benefits package.“  


“Arlene has an amazing gift for understanding the essence of a person. She has a great capacity for fueling creativity while being grounded.”  


“You have filled me with strategies, plans of action, and a large dose of optimism.”


"As an HR professional and former HR job seeker, I know that Wilma is a gem. She truly brings heart to work.“


“Arlene makes the dreaded task of resume writing fun. She brings energy and purpose to the work and is also able to distill a complex employment history into a focused resume with a clearly targeted message.”  


“I would not have the confidence and knowledge about networking, resumes, and personal branding had it not been for you. You’ve changed my outlook on myself and my career, and I’m forever grateful.”  


“Wilma is an amazing coach who has a gift for making clients feel safe and comfortable to explore their lives.  I have gained so much freedom being coached by her.”


“Arlene was able to see the strength, power, and confidence in me that I had lost and forgotten. We developed a plan to help me overcome my obstacles and achieve my career goals one step at a time. As a result, I was able to restart my career and obtain a great job.”  


“I was offered the Executive Director position. You’ve been a great cheerleader and have offered terrific guidance.” 


“I often think to myself “What would Wilma suggest?” This strategy has really helped when figuring out next steps.“

“I accepted the job offer I really wanted, and want to say THANK YOU for helping me. From revamping my cover letter/resume to coaching me through interviews, your advice was spot on."