Chicago-based Life Working® invites you to imagine the difference that a new outlook on life, career or even just a new resume could make. Wilma Nachsin & Arlene Wanetick have years of successfully guiding others through life and career challenges. Are you next?   

Resumes & Writing Services

On paper and online, let LIFE WORKING® marketing materials help showcase your value to an employer in the most clear and compelling way through resumes, LinkedIn, and other written communications. Words matter. We work hard to choose them well. 

Career Coaching

Whether you need an updated resume or a whole new career, LIFE WORKING® career coaching can help you feel more capable, hopeful, excited, and purposeful as you explore career choices. Individual and group coaching available

Life Coaching

With so many events, responsibilities, people, and choices competing for our time and energy each day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. LIFE WORKING® coaching support can help you prioritize goals and stretch into a more rewarding life


LIFE WORKING® presents educational and interactive workshops in Chicago and beyond to help make your life work better. Whether you’re a career explorer, life adventurer, or both, learn to create confident, effective strategies to reach your goals. 


LIFE WORKING® offers SoulCollage® Workshops, a visually intuitive process of exploring all the different parts of ourselves to gain insights and clarity for making change, whether personal or professional.


For employers facing downsizing, rightsizing, or layoffs, LIFE WORKING® is a company's trusted partner with strategic outplacement services in place to help employees in transition get back to work.  

Life is a process of periodic recalibration.
Every so often, it’s good to look at things differently,
and consider new choices to make our lives work better.
— Arlene Wanetick, Co-Founder LIFE WORKING, LLC®