Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Career Assessments

Get a greater snapshot of how you are wired, what works for you and what doesn’t, and how you can use this information to inform your next steps. Allow yourself to be exposed to new ideas and options to explore, based on your unique personality, interests, skills, and values. 

Individual and Group Sessions

Work 1:1 with a Life Working® coach, participate in weekly or monthly groups, or choose a combination of services.  Learn effective job search strategies, design a plan to meet your goals, and take steps to put it into action. 

Tandem Coaching™

Work with both Wilma and Arlene together and benefit from the combination of their unique styles, backgrounds, and perspectives, providing you with richer, more comprehensive feedback to guide your success. Especially recommended for mock interviews and professional branding.

Mock Interviews

To enter an actual interview feeling more prepared and confident for a job you want, take advantage of this rare opportunity for a mock interview, and get honest, constructive feedback. Learn all the things you are doing right and become aware of what needs tweaking.  

Professional Branding

What sets you apart? The LIFE WORKING® branding process can help you get clarity about who you are and what makes you unique. Learn how to weave your special brand into your personal presentation and communications so people understand your value.  


Elevator Pitch 

How do you describe your value succinctly? Can you sum it up in 15 seconds or less? Learn to pique someone’s interest in learning more about you, so you can network more effectively wherever you go.

Salary Negotiations

We can’t make promises, but we can help you avoid pitfalls, and suggest useful resources to help you get what you want and deserve. Our clients learn that the moment of starting a new job offers the most leverage for negotiating. LIFE WORKING® methods help you do it successfully. 


We also provide strategic outplacement services to companies needing to make staffing adjustments. Job seekers are emotionally and strategically supported while participating in a 10-step process for finding work. Often our individual clients have already received outplacement services provided by other larger firms, but did not get the help they needed.  Hiring us directly provides a more personal, customized approach, and can serve your exiting employees more effectively. 

* Partnering with Life Working, LLC® does not guarantee employment.