• Branding: The Art of Being Memorable (4 weeks) - You’ve already earned an ‘A’ if you’ve been called in for the interview. Make sure that the ‘A’ lasts long after you leave. Being forgotten is not an option for the successful job seeker. Through refining your professional brand and presenting your most authentic, confident self, learn what it takes to leave a lasting, positive impression.


  • Nailing the Interview (4 weeks) - Be well prepared to ace the interview by learning essential do's and don't of interviewing in today's market. Get targeted questioning and feedback so you feel adventurous and confident. Consider it necessary practice for when it matters most. 


  • SoulCollage® Workshops (6 hours) - Sometimes working with images can be more powerful than words. If you like visual imagery and want to explore your own inner wisdom in an intuitive way, consider a SoulCollage® Workshop. A calm, creative, and enjoyable process, it can also help you gain insight about work and life issues. Absolutely no artistic experience required. 


  • The Strategic Job Search (8 weeks) - Why waste precious time sending hundreds of resumes into the black hole of job boards? Learn a more efficient, focused way to make new connections, get introductions, and target your search like an expert.